Borrowby Mill in Thirsk – Channel 4 Four In A Bed – I would Not Stay Here

After watching Channel 4 TV Programme, Four In A Bed this week I must say that I thought I should let you know what I thought of Amanda and Mike Daly who run the Borrowby Mill bed and Breakfast in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.  I could tell what sort of pretentious idiots they were on Monday when they greeted all of their guests by opening the top half of their door and shaking their guests hands through the small opening.  This signaled to me that these people were knobs of the highest order.

Mike Daly, who was an ex military man then entertained his guests by subjecting them to an Army drill session with some sort of retired military man and it was a bit poor – I have seen some real drill Seargents who were alot more scary.  Mike was also very rude to, and about his wife Amanda Daly and they thought themsleves to be very special people.  I can say from what I have seen on the Four In A Bed Television programme that this is far from the case – they are both self centered, obnoxious, lower class, small minded and possibly mentally retarded.

I would definately not stay at the Borrowby Mill bed & breakfast hotel in Thirsk becuase of Mike and Amanda Daly who run this hotel.  if somebody else took it over I would happily stay there becuase Thirsk, and all of North Yorkshire is a wonderful place to visit and stay and these people should be ashamed of themselves.

If you decide to stay at Borrowby Mill in Thirsk having read this then I must also class you as small minded idiots.

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Sea Fishing In Essex Aboard the Island Girl

All you big men can now take a ride in my namesake and prove you are a real Alpha Male and demonstrate your hunter gatherer skills and catch dinner. A nice Sea Bass or Skate will do nicely and you can then prove that the hours sitting glued to the television watching Jamie Oliver the Naked Chef or Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage have shown you how to prepeare a nice fresh fillet of fish and a nice side serving. But first you will have to make friends with Jon, the skipper of island Girl and see if he will take you along for the ride.

On a recent visit to Canvey Island in Essex I found a charming fishing boat called Island Girl and speaking to the boat skipper, A lovely man called Jon Dickens he told me that he loves to take his boat out in the Thames Estuary, past Southend and Southend Pier and into the North Sea for some great british sea fishing.

I could tell that Jon, the owner of Island Girl (the boat) just loves fishing. The way he talks with enthusiasm about the fish he catches and the time he spends in all weather in or on his boat will bring a smile to your face. All right, he swears alot, but that is to be expected from a sea faring fisherman. He tell me that Sea Fishing in Essex is a very popular sport especially boat fishing in essex where there is a good range of fish including Bass, Smoothounds and Tope (they are like sharks), skate (also known as Roker, Rays and Thornback Rays), Cod (smaller Cod are called Codling), Whiting, Gurnard, Mackerel and dabs and plaice (flat fish also known as flatties). Jon went on to explain that he uses different kinds of bait to catch the fish and the type of bait used is seasonal depending upon the time of year and type of fish you want to catch. In the summer both worms (black lug worm and rag worm are popular) as well as peeler crab (this is where the shell has gone soft and peels off to reveal soft skin underneath) as well as squid. Jon says that the only lure fishing tends to be the use of feathers for catching Mackerel and this is a string of between 4 and 6 hooks with feathers attached and it is weighted at the bottom and jiggled up and down over the side of the boat and he tells me you can catch lots of mackerel in a short period of time if you are in the right place.

It all sounded rather nice and Jon invited me out for a day of Boat Fishing on island Girl starting from Holehaven Creek which is where his boat is moored (this is near the Lobster Smack Pub in Canvey Island, Essex). He tells me we will down the River Thames, past Southend Pier and past the SS Richard Montgomery, an American ship that sunk in 1942 with thousands of bombs on board and out into the North Sea for some real sea fishing. I am looking forward to my fishing trip and will let you know how I got on.

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